Friday, 10 May 2013

Free Gems For Clash Of Clans

hello and welcome, using this method you will get yourself free gems towards the game clash of clans, to do this its very simple and i will show you everything to get yourself those gems you need.

firstly start off by finding the points2shop app on your mobile through the app store, download this to your phone and once open choose your username,password,email address and underneath that type in " pauldnb " has the code, doing this will inturn let me send you a welcome message with all the details in how i earn so it will speed up the process.

next you will be shown alot of different walls in these offer walls, will be video`s to watch, or apps to download and open ( use these apps for 30 seconds or more ) once you go back onto the points2shop app you will see you have been awarded the points for these offers.

now the exciting part!!! when you have enough points you can withdraw an itunes card to go get your free gems, to do this you will need to visit the website through a PC because the App does not allow you to place orders,I think clash of clans is a great game so having this option to get free gems is a great opportunity.

the app is great to earn because your just downloading and opening apps then messing with them for 30 seconds or so, the PC version has alot more offers and also surveys which can be 200 points each, so you have plenty of different ways of earning all depends how quickly you want those free gems.

just remember you only need one account for signing into MOBILE / PC
you need to be 13+ with parent consent to use the site
make sure you dont use false information because you may get blocked or worse
many countries can use the website/app but some countries may have less offers than others

hope you enjoy your free gems for clash of clans, dont forget that code " pauldnb " when signing up through the points2shop app to get your 260 ( $2.60 ) signup points also look out for your welcome pack from me with tips n tricks on how I earn so you can speed up your process and get those free gems even faster.

if you need any help then once you have registered just send a message through the website im on there everyday if for any reason im not there then just use the shoutbox there are alot of friendly members who will gladly help you with whatever your stuck with, but the biggest thing is just enjoy yourself.